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Your Questing, PvP, Gathering & Rotations WoW Bot Bundle
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WoW Bots Bundled Pricing

WoW Fish

19.99 €/mth


Gather 19.99 €

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WoW Botting Profiles for usage with WoW Fish Bot

9.99 €

All about WoW Fish

WoW Bot Profiles Manage your WoW Bot Profiles

Simple and Convenient WoW Botting Interface

Customized Fishing WoW Bot

Using Fish's Customized WoW Bot Profiles make it easy to manage your characters profiles for rotations and farming routines such as pathing and gathering and professions.

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WoW Bot Rotations Manage your WoW Bot Rotations

Fully Custom WoW Bot Setup

Auto WoW Combat Routines with WoW Rotation Bots

Set each of your spells or attacks exactly how you want them in the rotations manager for your wow bot rotations!

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WoW Botting Event Management with your WoW AIO Bot

Convenient and efficient WOW Bot Setup

WoW Fishing autopilot bundled

Using the WoW Bot event manager makes accomplishing tasks in wow dragonflight or wotlk classic, hardcore also now SOD ready in a few clicks.

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WoW Fish has more than just simple WoW Botting and not just fishing WOTLK Bot Profiles

Setup custom wow fish bot on yours

Design the Fishing WoW Bot the way you like with just a few clicks and see the results you are looking for.

WoW Bots Profile Store all your WoW Bot profiles

Use the built in profile store with Fishing WoW Bot or setup your own custom profiles, there is many profiles that will be made available for very cheap built into the profile store.

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